"Empower Your Child with a doll of African heritage that Embrace Diversity"

We believe every child deserves to see themselves represented in their toys, and that is why we offer a range of dolls specifically designed to celebrate and embrace the diversity of African children. Our dolls come in a variety of skin tones, hair types and styles, so that every child can find a doll that looks just like them or one that they can relate to.

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  • jaiema17

    Beautiful doll! I love her. The service was excellent and very prompt! Thank you.

  • tkibutuka

    Order received on time, thank you for the quality. A second order is already planned.

  • nailamahoro

    Beautiful doll, my daughter loves it 😍

  • Ma

    """Des jouets de bonne qualité et pas cher. Ma fille les adore, elle s'est super bien amusée à la cheffe 😊
    Je recommande Kenara 🥰""

  • Tiwa

    ""Thank so much I am so happy with my purchase.My daughter is so happy, I can even teach her how to do braids With her doll hair""

  • Jeswi

    "Kenara œuvre justement avec ses poupées à valoriser l’identité des enfants et à l’éducation positive de cette valorisation. Je recommande car le service client est rapide, fiable et très agréable.""

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  • The Mission

    Inclusivity and Self-Love Through Our Dolls, Representation Matters: We achieve this by promoting Diversity and Inclusivity with or dolls that, empower children to love and celebrate their uniqueness.

  • About the Dolls

    Black Children's Dolls that Celebrate Diversity, that are reflective of skin tones, hair Types, and styles for All children and represent Your Child with a doll that looks like them.

  • Benefits of Our Dolls

    Our dolls provide a positive representation for black children, encouraging self-love and acceptance. When children see themselves reflected in their toys, it boosts their confidence and helps them feel seen and heard.