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12 inch African -American Doll// Maya doll

12 inch African -American Doll// Maya doll

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KenaraAfroDolls are crafted with attention to detail, making it a valuable tool of self-expression for children from around the world.
KenaraAfroDoll embodies the beauty and cultural richness of Africa. This doll reflects the diversity of Africa with beautiful skin authentic facial features and hair.
KenaraAfroDoll fosters diversity, imagination, creativity, and empathy in children.
The doll’s hair can be styled offering children the opportunity to customize its hairstyle and practice their self-expression.
KenaraAfroDolls are structured to be flexible with a movable head and movable limbs. The dolls can be wiped clean, and the clothes can be machine washed.
KenaraAfroDoll is designed to be the perfect gift, combining entertainment and education.
Made of PVC, it is safe for children as it meets the safety requirements of the European Union and is CE certified, ensuring quality and safety.


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Dolls That Represent You

Our dolls provide a positive representation for black children, encouraging self-love and acceptance. When children see themselves reflected in their toys, it boosts their confidence and helps them feel seen and heard.

  • jaiema17

    Beautiful doll! I love her. The service was excellent and very prompt! Thank you.

  • tkibutuka

    Order received on time, thank you for the quality. A second order is already planned.

  • nailamahoro

    Beautiful doll, my daughter loves it 😍

  • Ma

    ""Des jouets de bonne qualité et pas cher. Ma fille les adore, elle s'est super bien amusée à la cheffe 😊
    Je recommande Kenara 🥰""

  • Tiwa

    "Thank so much I am so happy with my purchase. My daughter is so happy, I can even teach her how to do braids With her doll hair""

  • Jeswi

    "Kenara œuvre justement avec ses poupées à valoriser l’identité des enfants et à l’éducation positive de cette valorisation. Je recommande car le service client est rapide, fiable et très agréable.""

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  • The Mission

    Inclusivity and Self-Love Through Our Dolls, Representation Matters: We achieve this by promoting Diversity and Inclusivity with or dolls that, empower children to love and celebrate their uniqueness.